Hebron Films – What is in a name?

Hebron Films Logo

Many have asked. Hebron Films? What does that mean?

To begin, we pronuonce the word Heb-rohn , not Heebron. Not that one is right and one is wrong, that is just how we roll.

When Hebron Films was in it’s infancy, we needed to find a name. Some would think this task easy, but man, it is tough! We wanted a strong name, that was unique but memorable. Many names were called, only one chosen. It was after reading the story of Samson in the Bible that we were perplexed. In the story Samson lifts the city gates of the city of Gaza and carries them to a hill facing the city of Hebron. We were really confused by this action, but nonetheless decided that the name Hebron could work, but were not fully convinced.

We decided to turn to the internet to find out more about the city of Hebron. We still don’t know all that much about it, but what we did discover was astonishing. Hebron was a Levitical city, which was given┬áto Caleb. We thought this pretty cool and decided that we liked the name, and it now forms part of who we are here at Hebron Films.

Our logo reflects the story of samson carrying the gates to the hill.